Every One wants to lose weight

Every one wants to lose weight.  If you look at the media, at public pronouncements everyone seems to be of the opinion that all the people are obese or over weight.  It seems that the industry both diet and fitness are always coming up with new schemes, workouts, eating plans and projects to convince you that you are fat, out of shape and ready to die.  This may or may not be true.

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to find out?
What does your doctor say?  Before you make any plans to change your body go see your doctor.  You might be healthier than you think.  If not you may need special help, particularly if you are pre diabetic or subject to diabetes, you may have a blood pressure or a cholesterol problem.  Go see, it will not hurt you and you might get the help you need.

As to the diet and fitness industry they want to sell you their products.  As in any marketing program most of it is bovine excrement.  There are of course good things in these programs but those good things are in most if not all of them.  The trick is to find out what works and do it while skipping the marketing aspects.