Making Progress

worth it

I finally made it past 175 lbs. I have been plateauing for the last several weeks.

I need to increase my exercise and vegetables. I also need to eat more oatmeal.  I wrote the above two sentences in early August.  I wrote this in mid August.    I have not been consistent, this is one of my struggles, to make a habit of working on health every day.  I do find that more vegetables, and fiber makes me feel full.  That is satisfying and I am happier.

I don’t like salads.  I like cooked vegetables.  I like hot cereals such as oatmeal and malt o meal.  I don’t like cream of wheat.  Writing down what you like is the first step towards creating a diet that you will follow.  First put down what you like then eliminate the worst things that you eat.  For instance I love bread, always have.  I can not eat it every day however.  I also like potatoes, I can’t eat them every day either. So I plan extra exercise and limit the amount of what I can eat of potatoes and bread.

What do you like to eat.  Make a list.  Then check each item for grams of carbohydrates and sugar.  That is the first step towards making a diet you will follow.

What vegetables do you like?  I like cooked broccoli heads, peppers, onion, green beans and about every other kind of bean, cabbage, greens such as mustard and collard, sweet potatoes, celery, peas, beets, cauliflower, carrots, and corn.  I am sure that there are more vegetables out there that I like that I can’t remember right now.  That’s right, I need to add zucchini and okra.

So I have lots of vegetables and cooked properly they do not amount to much in calories.  I can eat lots of vegetables.

I like meat.  I prefer deer, lamb, turkey, pork and chicken.  Beef is good but it’s too expensive anyway. Pork and lamb is what I usually grill.  Although deer is good too but  I only have so much deer and my spouse doesn’t like it so that’s just for me and the kids.

So this is the bare bones diet.

Oatmeal in the morning perhaps a banana with coffee.

At lunch a turkey or chicken half sandwich with some pickled vegetables or soup.

Dinner lots of vegetables and 4 ounces of meat.

I will post some recipes as well as my favorite cookbooks in the next post.


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