One of the hardest things to do with weight loss is to be consistent.  My day changes constantly. There is a routine that I am in and changing that routine to include exercise is a struggle every day.  The traditional wisdom is that it takes 30 days of effort to establish a habit.  After the 30 days the new behavior becomes a part of your routine.  My routine is to get up, make coffee, check different websites for news and then get dressed for work.  Ii go to work from 7:30 to 4:30.  After work is catch up with the kids, make dinner and eat.  Three nights a week I take one to sports.  Monday night is Scouts for both.  I also like to talk to my spouse and have some conversation.  I read a bit and then its lights out.  So when is exercise?

I do not want to compromise interaction with my children or spouse.  In fact I would like to increase the time I spend with them. I also need to exercise both the body and the mind.  So reading is also non negotiable.  If I exercise in the morning that is the best time for me.  Since I like exercise that is not dependent on gyms that is very doable and the best time to inject a new behavior in my routine.

What is your routine? When is the best time for you to exercise?  What kinds of exercise do you like? How can you best interject a new habit in your routine and still keep the things that are necessary to make you happy. I also need to meditate about the issues discussed in earlier blogs and pray.  I find that prayer is necessary for my spiritual condition.  If I am to be happy during the day I need to be in touch with my spiritual condition and control emotions.  Meditation and prayer are necessary for that purpose.

So it is a struggle and a challenge.  Fortunately the more that I struggle and succeed the better I feel about myself and the urge to mindlessly eat or graze lessens.  I found that living with intention and not just proceeding aimlessly through life is more satisfying and I am happier.  How does this work for you? Take some time to think about your routine.  You will find time for it all when you work at it.  Let me know if living with intention works for you.


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