Trying New Things

So now the work starts.  You have begun to eliminate junk foods from your diet.  The next step is packaged foods.  Look at the ingredients. When I did this I found lots of preservatives, chemicals, different sugars and sweeteners, and a whole bunch of things I neither knew what they were or how to pronounce.  After I talked it over with my spouse we decided at first not to eat anything we couldn’t pronounce.  This expanded to eating only whole foods.  So we shop in the produce, meat, and dairy aisles.  We do eat bread, noodles and rice but that is all that isn’t on the outside of the typical grocery store layout.  We  eat mostly at home, that way we can be assured of what goes into food we eat. We also experiment with different spices.

Eating this way is slightly more expensive.  So eating at home counters that as opposed to restaurants.  We also have New Recipe Night in which each member of the family cooks a new unfamiliar recipe to expand our horizons and to try out new foods. Sometimes this is great and sometimes it is just another meal.  There are thousands of diets and recipe books.  Try a lot of them.

Learn new recipes with real food.  This puts some fun into what would be a chore.  Doing it this way makes a hobby out of cooking and lets you have some fun, instead of feeling restricted and punished.  The best analogy would be to be a complete geek about ingredients and cooking.

While you are expanding your dietary horizons try different exercises.  When I started I just did the basic cardio and a little bit of weights.  I found that going to a gym was dreadful for me.  It just added another thing I had to do before I could do what I wanted. So I used the same technique in exercises.  I did some yoga and calisthenics.  It may be just a hangover from elementary school gym class but done properly calisthenics is weight lifting.  You are lifting your own weight.  You don’t have to have an expensive gym membership or buy your own equipment.  All you need is a little floor space.  There are lots of programs on TV and You Tube with different routines.  If you go the You Tube route they are free.  Free is good.  Now I am working on Tai Chi Chuan routines.  Tai Chi doesn’t look hard but if you follow the instructions you will break out into a sweat fast.

The important thing for me is not to have a boring routine but to make a new habit, a new life, that is fun and energizing.  I had to break out of the old way of thinking in order to be different and make a new life for myself. One that was healthy and fun.


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