Second Step

There are two components to the second step.  In First Step you wrote down what you ate and the reason why you ate at a specific time.  Where you hungry, bored, angry?  That realization is a big one and helped you change an unthinking response to a thinking response. You will need to keep up with this habit.

In the Second Step you will start to change what you are eating.  Start eliminating one item of food that you habitually eat.  For me the first step was white bread and products that contained white bread.  After that becomes comfortable add another unhealthy item. For me this was fast food.  I did like Burger King;s double cheeseburgers and sausage croissanwiches.  Don’t go too fast on this, it has taken a lot of time for you to get used to the way you eat gradually move into new habits of eating.

The next component is to begin to exercise.  The doctor okayed you right?  So start to slowly move into exercise.  If you have to take little steps do so.  Start with walking and walk up and down the block until you are tired.  I am assuming that you are not fit and need to take some time.  Do this every day.  Each time you walk go a little further.

I generally walk about 3.5 miles per hour. That is generally my walking pace.  So I walk a mile in about 17 minutes.  You will have to experiment to determine  your walking pace.  Once you are comfortable with walking start doing calisthenics. By calisthenics I mean jumping jacks, squats, pushups, sit ups. You are lifting weights actually you are lifting yourself. If you can try jump ropes. I was never good at this which is probably an indication that I
should work on it.
So lets review, you have reviewed your life and started to question negative comments and opinions by others about you. You are starting to feel better about yourself. You have begun eliminating poor food choices and substituting better food. You have begun to exercise and each day do a little more. A very good start.


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