Why do you want to lose weight, or fat?

Why do you want to lose weight?  Is it a desire to be healthy? A desire to look good?  Are the people you know, friends, family, people you work with shaming you?  There are lots of mixed motives in this game.  When you add in peer or societal pressure, the images that you are bombarded with on media and the internet, all of which are photoshopped its hard not to just accept the idea that there is something wrong with you the way you are and you need to look like, be like everyone else.  Of course the everyone else you think you need to be like, isn’t the people you know and see every day but the images that are false in the media and the internet.

Of course this is just one more symptom of the pressure put on people.  Of Course it is all bullshit.  Media people play games with images, that’s what they do.  Models play games with images that’s what they are paid for.  Clothing designers play games with sizes and styles, its what they do.  The fitness and diet industries and the food industry play games with the descriptions of what is in your food, how to exercise and look because if you were okay with yourself they wouldn’t make any money.

That is my conclusion after being fat since I was 8 until I was 50.  I didn’t feel good about myself, all the above institutions helped me to not feel good about myself and I was on and off diet and exercise plans all that time.  It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Diabetes II that I got it.  The It that I got is: if you have a good reason to exercise and lose weight its easy.  My reason was not dying early.  I want to live a long time.  That provides a good basis for food choices and exercise.

All the mental games that people play do not.  So I ask you What is your reason to lose weight?  Please keep in mind absent some physical condition that mandates it, most of the above reasons are just guilt and shame imposed on you by others.

You are perfectly okay the way you are.  Don’t accept others playing with your emotions and mental states.  Become okay with yourself, become happy with  yourself and you will be far more effective in losing weight or whatever  you want to do and if you still want to lose weight after that go right ahead.  Its what you want to do.


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