There are lots of ways to lose fat and weight.

The last time I looked at Wikipedia there were at least 162 different diets.  The world abounds with ways to lose weight.  The only thing all these different methods have in common is that they don’t really work on a long term basis.  They are not designed to do so.

I was fat for most of my life up to the present.  From about the third grade of elementary school, when I was eight, until forty five when I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic I was usually 50-60 pounds overweight.  That is just obese according to current weight standards on BMI charts for my height.  I ate emotionally and drank too much beer.  I ate too much of grains, sugars anddairy products.  I am 5’8″ and at my heaviest weighed about 230 pounds.  I was generally 210-220 pounds for most of that period of my life.

I was only able to lose weight under the realistic diagnosis of adult onset diabetes.  With that realization I was able to re focus my life and attention.  I am 175 pounds now and have been for three years.  I am trying to loose another 10-20 pounds.  So I am familiar with the problems of dieting.  That familiarity is why I state that diets don’t work and are mostly marketing.

I have found some life style modifications programs that have worked for me.  There are some basic principles in every diet that work.  There are good books and videos available and I will share the ones that worked for me in the next post.


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